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Chimney Cap Repair

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Chicago Chimney Cap Repair

Chicago Chimney Cap Repair | Chimney Cap Services

An unclean or damaged chimney is a severe fire hazard. It can place your entire property at risk, which is why we always encourage prompt repairs. At Chicago Fireplace, Inc, we understand how chimneys work and can make sure yours is functioning correctly. Our team can repair every component of the structure, including its cap.

Chicago Chimney Cap Repair

A chimney cap’s primary function is to keep unwanted debris out of the system. It prevents rain, snow, foliage, etc., from falling in. A cap also keeps small animals and their nests away. If this structure is damaged, all those unwanted elements can get in. If you spot any exterior damage, contact us for repairs immediately. We can handle all kinds of caps, including single-flue, wind-resistant, double-flue, and decorative. 

Chimney Cap Cleaning 

Dust and debris cause extensive damage to the cap, and you need to clean it regularly. We encourage homeowners to consider routine cleaning, inspection, and maintenance plans. They can help keep your chimney cap in good condition for a long time. Our experts will remove all debris carefully before repairing any damage we find. 

Chimney Repair or Replacement 

Time and exposure can damage a cap enough that repairing doesn’t become an option. Our experts will scrutinize it to understand what’s wrong before offering solutions. If the cap has sustained too much damage, we will recommend a full replacement. Newer caps are more resilient and will provide more protection. You can trust our repair technicians to offer honest advice on this matter. They’ll only recommend a full replacement if it is essential.  

If you want to know more about our chimney services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Chicago Fireplace Inc. You can call 630 655 0644 or use our contact us form to schedule a service call. 

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