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Chimney Liner Installation in Greater Chicago

Chicago Chimney Liner Installation | Relining Chimney

A chimney liner reduces the risk of a carbon monoxide leaks, creosote build-up, and a chimney fire. Homeowners should make sure their chimney liner is durable and of good quality to improve overall safety. At Chicago Fireplace, Inc, we can help install or replace liners. Our technicians will double-check all connections to ensure that every component is properly installed.

Chicago Chimney Lining & Relining

Liners are exposed to harsh conditions regularly. While they’re designed to withstand heat, soot, flaming sparks, etc., they can suffer damage. Our team can inspect your chimney for any signs of trouble before recommending a solution. Sometimes the lining is too damaged and needs replacement. We use good-quality components for this process because inferior quality liners can become damaged quickly. This ensures your chimney is always safe for use. 

Different Components 

A full kit includes a liner, connector, top plate, and rain plate. All of these components are designed to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. We also customize these kits after measuring your chimney as all components must fit properly. Poorly installed liners increase the risk of a fire hazard. 

Installation Process

This installation process is relatively easy and quick, but it is best handled by a professional. We make sure all connections are secure, double-checking for errors or tears. Our technicians first prepare all components before attaching the liner tube to a connector. They direct the tube down your chimney flue until it reaches its thimble. We later install the top plate and rain cap to secure everything is in place.

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