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Chimney Liner Repair

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Chicago Chimney Liner Repair

Chicago Chimney Liner Repair

A chimney can sustain a lot of damage over time, primarily if it isn’t maintained well. The flue can develop cracks, fissures, or joint damage, which pose a severe risk. At Chicago Fireplace, Inc, we encourage homeowners to repair these issues as quickly as possible to avoid deadly accidents. A damaged liner is a significant fire hazard.   

Chicago Chimney Liner Repair

Chimney Liner damage is almost inevitable, which is why it is essential to get a chimney professionally inspected regularly. During an inspection, we identify the damage and come up with practical solutions for repairing it.  

Chimney Joint Repair 

If a liner has cracks around the joints, it requires careful resealing. Joint damage often penetrates deep into a flue, creating a deep void. Our technicians fill this gap with a flue sealant and carefully smooth it until all the material is tightly packed in. This replaces all missing mortar from those joints.

Resurfacing and Relining 

If the flue has severe damage, we either resurface or reline it. Resurfacing is an option for chimneys that have small cracks and spalls but are still structurally intact. We cover the entire interior section in a reliable sealant to fill all gaps.

Relining is an option for chimneys with worn down lining, severe defects, or no lining at all. We first apply an insulation solution before adding a stainless steel fabric. This is covered up with a heat-resistant sealant to form a strong barrier. These three coatings are enough to cover all damages and give your chimney some much needed structural integrity. An adequately installed coating lasts for several years.

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