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Chimney Brick Restoration Services

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Chicago Chimney Brick Restoration Services

Chicago Chimney Brick Restoration Services

Brick chimneys are charming and resilient, but they aren’t indestructible. Time takes its toll on the structure, compromising its integrity as years pass by. At Chicago Fireplace, Inc, we can restore it to its original beauty while making sure it is structurally sound. Our technicians use proven solutions for restoration, so you’re not bogged down by needless repairs down the line. 

Chicago Chimney Brick Restoration Services

Brick chimneys can develop several problems, primarily if they’re not maintained well. Mortar in the joints can crumble, individual bricks can crack, big chunks of them can fall off, etc. Our team carefully assesses your entire chimney to determine what’s wrong before coming up with a solution. 

Replacing Damaged Brick 

Our technicians can replace damaged bricks easily, without causing any harm to the surrounding areas. This process is fairly simple; we first: 

  • Measure old bricks carefully. 
  • Cut replacement bricks to the right size. 
  • Remove old material with a cold chisel and hammer. 
  • Place new bricks in the hole created. 
  • Apply mortar to keep everything in place.

We can replace an entire damaged section quickly. Adding new bricks and mortar makes your chimney much more resilient. 

Replacing Mortar

Mortar is less durable than bricks, which means it can crumble or develop gaps quickly. We can repoint bricks to improve a chimney’s structural integrity and overall appearance. Our technicians will:

  • Remove old mortar and clear all loose material. 
  • Mix the new mortar solution according to instructions provided. 
  • Push mortar into joints and pack the material in. 
  • Remove excess before shaping it into the required pointing pattern. 
  • Let the mortar dry.

If you want to know more about our chimney services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Chicago Fireplace Inc. You can call 630 655 0644 or use our contact us form to schedule a service call. 

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