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Chimney Brick Repair

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Chicago Chimney Brick Repair

Chicago Chimney Brick Repair

Brick Chimneys are quite resilient features. However, they would need some standard repairs now and then. Since the chimneys divert smoke outdoors, there are some typical problems they can suffer from, such as ones due to structural damages or external weather conditions. We at Chicago Fireplace Inc. offer high-quality chimney repair solutions to our clients.

What Does Brick Chimney Repair Involve?

Various steps are involved in repairing brick chimneys, and here we take a look at what they are:

  • The chimney will be cleaned thoroughly as it becomes easier to access and fix the damaged surfaces.
  • The crown would also need repairs in most cases, and this is something that our experts will check when they are cleaning the chimney. When the crown is fully functional, it helps to protect the mortar lining on the inside, preventing deterioration of the stucco.
  • Once the chimney has been cleaned, the technicians will then identify and prepare the spots that need fixing.
  • Some of the repairs that may be needed include fixing crumbling mortar, replacing loose bricks, or merely removing and playing them correctly.

Fixing Weathered Chimney Crowns

As mentioned earlier, repairing deteriorated chimney crowns is an essential aspect of chimney repair. Our team will work very methodically and make sure that they remove the cracked mortar lining around the crown. The next step is to prepare a mix of mortar cement and pea gravel. This mixture will then be applied around the crown area and its edges.

Regardless of the type of chimney you have and the repair it needs, we are here to help. We have vast experience in this industry and handle projects of any kind. If you’re looking for a reliable contractor for chimney repair, don’t hesitate to call Chicago Fireplace Inc. at (630) 655-0644 or request a free quote via our website.

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