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Chimney Liner Repair & Installation

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Chicago Chimney Liner Repair 


Chicago Chimney Liners Installation & Repair

Most modern chimneys have a protective liner inside. This liner keeps the chimney masonry walls safe from the byproducts generated by the fire. These byproducts can weaken the masonry joints, penetrate the brick walls, and damage the concrete mortar. This doesn’t just damage the chimney structure, but can also compromise the indoor air quality.

Our team of experts is very familiar with Chicago chimney liners and knows how to handle all problems and repairs related to this process.

What are Your Chimney Lining Options?

If your old liner has become damaged, we can replace it with a new one. This new liner will be more efficient and have a flue sealant as well, which improves overall safety. The liner will ensure carbon monoxide doesn’t leak into your home and compromise indoor air quality. Here’s a look at the different materials available:

  • Cast Masonry – This is a great option for homes with old chimneys as it strengthens the entire structure by a considerable margin. To install cast masonry, we remove the old liner carefully and apply the new cast over the surface. Once the cast is in place, it seals all vulnerabilities like cracks and splits.
  • Clay Tiles – These are a popular option because they’re very affordable. If you maintain the tiles properly, they will last for a long time. Unfortunately, they’re more liable to crack than other alternatives available. This means they require repairs more often and that can be expensive.
  • Metal – Stainless steel pre-fabricated liners are convenient and reliable. The material lasts for a long time and isn’t as prone to damage as clay tiles are. Some of these liners come with lifetime warranties, which can help reduce repair, maintenance, and replacement expenses.

Chimney Relining & Chimney Lining Repair

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