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Chicago Fireplace Leaks & Cracks

Most manufactured fireplaces are made of refractory panels. Please help to limit the amount of heat that gets transferred to the firebox area. We at Chicago Fireplace Inc. have seen that cracks in the refractory panels can cause excessive heat to get moved through the cracks, into the metal shell and then into the wood framework- this can result in house fires. A wood burning Chicago fireplace can easily reach temperatures of 1,100 to 1,500 degrees.

Wood framing around a manufactured fireplace can crack

Manufactured fireplaces come as a single unit, and they have specific installation clearance requirements. If these units do not have the proper clearances, the metal box can become excessively hot which can cause the wood framing to Ignite. In fact, if there is some decomposition from the higher temperatures that can cause the wood to ignite even at 390 °F.

Causes of Fireplace Cracks

  • The constant expansion and contraction in the panels can result in hairline cracks.
  • An improper fire around the firebox area can also result in damage to or cracks in the panels.
  • If the panel gets accidentally struck very hard with the metal stoker rod while moving logs around in the fireplace that too can result in cracks.
  • If you try to extinguish lingering members in the fireplace by tossing water on them, and the water splashes on the hot panels, thermal shock can cause cracks.
  • Sometimes, defective panels or poorly cured ones can also develop cracks.

Crack Size And Damage on your Chicago Fireplace

When cracks are being analyzed, our team will determine the best way to repair the fireplace. They will also see if the unit’s manufacturer has set specific guidelines for repairs and will make sure those steps are followed.

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