IMG_5112At Chicago Fireplace we are not retail sales, we are a specialized installation and service company. Being in the construction business brings skilled trades people to the jobs we do. We have added another feature to the list of our services.

We now do, Inspections on Chimney Scans and Video Scans if the interior for the fireplace and chimney. Without the camera you are just guessing the condition from point A to point B. Typically you will not know there is a problem with your chimney until it’s too late.

If your chimney is affected with symptoms that cannot be identified with an eye test or visual inspection or full exterior surface examination, a video scan will be performed in order to take a closer look inside the smoke chamber and chimney lining to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies.

IMG_4210Rest assured that we have the most qualified chimney inspectors. Why? Because our Fireplace and Chimney Inspectors are off duty Firemen. We can scan, and sweep your chimney in one visit and you know it is done by a professional!

We can also quote the repairs. We have people who can do all masonry, roof and flashing repairs. We do insurance work and make sure the customer is represented well in their claims.

Don’t wait any longer and give us a call to get a video inspection done today!