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We at Chicago Chimney & Fireplace Co. are committed to providing our clients the dream fireplaces they have always wanted. Not only do we sell fireplaces but also handle the installation expertly as well. We understand that every client will have very specific requirements when it comes to their fireplace installations.

Chicago Fireplace, Offering a variety of fireplace options, services, & fireplace repair

After all, every property is different and every property owner will have certain ideas. This is exactly why we provide different types of fireplace options. Let’s take a look at what these are:

Chicago Fireplace Options

There are a large number of fireplace styles to choose from such as:

  • Gas Fireplaces Contemporary- These features are dramatic in appearance and lend a very unique appeal to your home. We can offer extraordinary designs with contemporary or modern styling for your indoor fireplace.  
  • Gas Fireplaces Traditional– If you are looking for a more classic-looking fireplace, this is the one to opt for. It is one of the best alternatives to conventional wood fireplaces. Not only does it have the latest technology but also very realistic looking log sets, which means your fireplace looks as stunning as a traditional one.
  • Wood Fireplaces– These are stylish and luxurious features available in a range of models to complement all types of décor. In addition to fireplace installation, we can also handle new chimney installation if required.  Wood fireplaces also can be used for outdoor fireplace or gas grill settings.  
  • Electric Fireplaces– These advanced features have integral thermostatic controls that are very sensitive and accurate. This helps ensure there is a consistent temperature in the room.

Leaks & Cracks in your Chicago Fireplace

If you are concerned about a leak or a crack in your fireplace then don’t hestitate to have it inspected by a certified Chicago Fireplace Leak repair technician.  A leak in your fireplace can cuase serious damage to your home, lead to a fire, and potentially leak carbon monoxide into your home affecting your health.  Call Chicago Fireplace Inc today for an inspection on your fireplace.  

Fireplace Liners for your Chicago Fireplace

When it comes to your fireplace and gearing it up for use again after the summertime you need to make sure that your liner is in working order.  A cracked liner or liner that is off slightly can cause serious damage to you and your home.  Call the expert Chicago Fireplace Liner repair techs at Chicago Fireplace Inc to inspect, repair, install, or service your fireplace liner.  

Chicago Gas Fireplace Repair

At Chicago Fireplace Inc we know how great the conveinece is of a gas fireplace.  You can simply turn it on, off, up and down at the ease of a switch or dial.  We also know that many people count on their gas fireplace for heat and comfort.  Which is why we pride ourselves in being the #1 Chicago Gas Fireplace Repair experts in the greater Chicago area.  

Chicago Fireplace Mantels & Surrounds

Get a customed designed beautiful fireplace mantel installed by the professionals at CHicago Fireplace Inc.  We have years of experience in creating stunning fireplace mantels and surrounds for greater Chicago.  Choose a custom mantel or choose a brand we carry.

In addition to these fireplaces, we can also provide outdoor fireplaces, outdoor fire pits or indoor fireplaces that are customized to your requirements. If you’re looking for a reliable fireplace repair contractorfireplace inspectionfireplace installation, don’t hesitate to call Chicago Chimney & Fireplace Co. at 708-358-0505 or contact us through our website.

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