Conserve Energy in your home by using a Gas or Wood Fireplace insert

Gas and Wood fireplace inserts are an alternative heat source that conserve energy and use
a minimum of room air. Some units are designed to use only outside air for combustion or the
burning of wood or gas. Gas units tend to be in the 35000 – 40000 BTU range, as wood units
work in the 70000 to 80000 BTU range. Both types usually can house a blower powered by 110
volts. Running a gas or wood burning insert will slow down the amount of time your furnace will
run and the amount of gas it consumes. If you seal off the chimney and isolate the venting, you
have converted the fireplace into an actual source of heat. Wood inserts run as long as you feed
it wood, gas inserts run as long as you want with the flick of a switch.