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Chimney Damper Repair

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Chicago Chimney Damper Repair

Chicago Chimney Damper Repair

Every chimney feature would have a damper on it. While these are resilient features, they do need occasional repairs, especially if you have old steel throat or cast-iron dampers. When these features are continuously exposed to moisture, ashes, and heat, the dampers may become worn, stuck, or inefficient. We at Chicago Fireplace Inc. offer high-quality chimney damper repair solutions.

Types of Damper Repairs

Conventionally, the two different fireplace damper types include:

  • Throat Damper- This is very common and is situated inside the chimney flue above the firebox. This metal flap closes and opens when the lever near the damper is pushed or pulled. Sometimes, it could also be operated using a knob that opens or closes the damper via a worm gear.
  • Top Mount Damper- This is the second type of damper that could be positioned at the top of your chimney. It has a stainless steel cable that runs into the opening of the fireplace down your chimney. You can pull on the cable that either closes or opens the damper.

Repairing a Throat Damper

If your chimney doesn’t have a cap, the moisture and rain can quickly enter the flue, causing rusting in the damper. If it is covered with ashes, creosote for rust, or is warped, it can prevent the feature from closing tightly and providing a good seal. 

It also means there will be a lot of heat loss through the chimney. The best way to prevent the loss of heat is to ensure that there is no debris or rust on the damper so that it creates a very tight seal.

If you’re looking for a reliable contractor for chimney damper repairs, don’t hesitate to call Chicago Fireplace Inc. At (630) 655-0644 or request a free quote via our website. 

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