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Chimneys are exposed to fire, smoke, soot, and creosote every time you light your fireplace. These compounds accumulate on the interior walls of the chimney and can pose a significant fire hazard, which is why it is important to carry out chimney cleaning regularly. As experienced chimney service professionals, we encourage clients to carry out this process at least once in one or two years based on their chimney use.

How Do We Clean a Chimney?

We use special rods and brushes designed for chimney cleaning to remove all of the accumulated debris. The brushes loosen the tough layers of material enough for us to remove the debris with the help of a vacuum cleaner. This process is efficient and we make sure there is no lingering material on the walls.

What are the benefits of cleaning your chimney?

Regular chimney cleaning offers several benefits. You’re less likely to experience severe chimney fires if there’s no build-up. Clean chimneys don’t produce as many strong odors so your indoor environment will be pleasant. We check the structure for any problems or vulnerabilities after the cleaning is done. There’s no layer of debris to conceal cracks and physical damage so it is easy to spot.

Clean chimneys are up to code and will pass inspections if they’re maintained well. They also help improve furnace efficiency as there are no clogs to compromise function. Regular inspection and cleaning will save you money of repairs and extend the lifespan of chimney components like the liner.

Clean your chimney today!

If the chimney isn’t cleaned and inspected regularly, it is more vulnerable to fire. Chimney fires are devastating and cause a considerable amount of harm to your property and everyone living inside it.

If you’re looking for a reliable Chicago Chimney cleaning service provider, don’t hesitate to call us or contact us through our website.

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